Savannah Christian Preparatory School Building 10
Savannah, Georgia
Cogdell & Mendrala Architects
Gross area
17,572 SF
July 2017

The completion of the middle school facility on Savannah Christian’s Chatham Parkway campus has fulfilled the long-stated goal of a unified Savannah Christian Preparatory School. This renovation and expansion of a two-story, 17,572 SF building incorporated offices, classrooms, study spaces, and science labs for sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Design began in September 2016, with construction completed in July 2017 — in time for the new academic year. The existing structure required total renovation and was doubled from 8,500 SF to 17,000 SF to house 9 core classrooms and 3 science labs with support spaces. Contending with nine-foot floor-to-floor constraints in the existing structure, building systems were carefully integrated by the use of soffits and chases. Provisions were made during design for future expansion as well.